At Keys3 we are proud to offer Marathon web design services. We are based locally in the Keys and love working with all the amazing people and businesses here.

Marathon, like many of the other Florida Keys communities, bears a railroad name. However, Marathon began as “Cayo de Bacas” or “Vacas”. Vaca is Spanish for “cow” and generally accepted knowledge is that there was no cattle on Key Vaca in historical times. However it is interesting to note that in Spanish “Vaca Marina” means manatee or sea cow.

There were actually three railroad depots listed in the Marathon area timetable in 1908: Knight’s Key, Knight’s Key Dock, and Vaca. However towards the end of 1908 the timetable listed the depot as “Marathon” and, like so many other Keys communities, the name stuck. A few months later the Marathon post office was opened and cemented the use of the name.

Marathon incorporated in 1999 naming itself “The City of Marathon” and setting its boundaries. These boundaries are described as “from the East end of the Seven Mile Bridge to the West end of Toms Harbors Bridge”. Since Marathon is approximately 1 hour from both Key Largo and Key West, Marathon quite literally is the Heart of the Florida Keys.

Marathon is a diverse and rare community that hosts a unique business economy. Marathon web design requires and equally unique approach.