At Keys3 we are proud to offer Key West web design services. We are based locally in the Keys and love working with all the amazing people and businesses here.

Key West, like all the Florida Keys, started as a coral forest under the ocean. The reformation of the polar ice caps and dropping sea levels allowed terrestrial plants and animals to colonize Key West. Soil was created from decaying organic matter and storm activity. After millenniums the ocean continued to drop and human life eventually found it’s way to this beautiful island.

Key West’s history is similar to the rest of the Key until 1821. The natural deep water port was deeper than any other port between Norfolk, Virginia and New Orleans. Within a short time Key West grew into an economic center. The population exploded and it became Florida’s most populated city. Key West boasted professionals like doctors, politicians, publishers, journalists, lawyers, military personnel, etc. For more than 150 years Key West overwhelmed all the other Keys in population alone.

Key West is a diverse and rare community that hosts a unique business economy. Key West web design requires and equally unique approach.