florida keys online reputation managementFor over 3 years we have been offering our online reputation management services to local businesses.

Over this time we have developed what we call the “Review Funnel”; which has been wildly popular among business owners here in the Florida Keys, so popular that we created CrowdTempo.com to expand our reach to the entire nation!

What is a review funnel?

The concept is simple: Funnel negative reviews to the business owners email inbox, and direct positive reviews to the online review websites that need improvement.

The result: Your business’s gets high ratings on websites like Yelp, TripAdvisor, UrbanSpoon, and MerchantCircle while at the same time allows you an opportunity to turn unhappy customers into happy customers without tarnishing your business’s reputation.

Learn more about CrowdTempo and review funnels at CrowdTempo.com

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